Hey :) I'm no expert in Photoshop myself, and always trying to learn more. icon-tutorial[.]livejournal[.]com has helped me a lot. Most of their tutos are directed to making icons obviously, but you can apply the knowledge about cropping, colouring, using textures, PS tools and etc to every visual thing. :3 Hope it helps!

    Thank you so much, love! I really appreciate the help. Once I get my paws on photoshop, I’ll be making graphics. You’re an angel. UvU

    i'm sorry no one noticed your blog-loss but if it makes you feel any better i heart your blog and you're really awesome and still sorry your blog got deleted and no i'm not stalking you shhhhh okay i love you

    aw ty bby. you’re a babe


    swag fag

    thats a lovely photoset of james mcavery you reblogged

    tom hiddleston could be pooping right now just sayin

    It kinda sucks sometimes when I have a great and funny idea and nobody appreciates geniality as they should (jk), but I'm okay with that. I just have fun blogging with the few friends I made here. And I understand your situation! It must be awful to have your blog for so long and they it just vanishes with all your things. I hope you get some new followers today and feel comfortable with your new blogging situation soon <3

    I know that his probably won't make you feel any better, but... well, at least you have 160 followers back? I mean, I have tumblr for over a year and I don't have much more than 100 followers. And I go through weeks without new followers. Just... idk, be glad that some of them came back. You will have the 440 others soon. Relax.

    I get what you’re saying and that totally sucks. I’m sure your blog totally rocks and you deserve more followers but I had my old blog for two years and going from 600 followers to 160 is kinda.. I dunno how to explain it.

    And the fact that I lost them all in one go just makes everything totally suck. A lot of those followers from before still haven’t come back and I honestly don’t think they will. It’s going to be a long time before I get back to where I was before.

    But aw poor anon.

    what if tom hiddleston was actually a banana and he undid his peel and was just naked but not rea lly because banana

    omfg misha your meds jfc

    Is your friend drunk or something?


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